2021 - 2022 Chapter Programs

The Fort Stanwix Chapter holds monthly programs from September through June, inclusive.  The Chapter generally meets on the third Thursday or Saturday of the month.  We welcome guests to all of our meetings. If you would like to attend one, click here for more information.     



Constitution Week September 17 - 23   

September 8- Central NY Round Table

September 23-26-125th DAR State Conference

October 13- Central NY Round Table

October 16-Ft. Stanwix DAR Meeting-Historical Indian/Education

November 10- Central NY Round Table

November 18 -Ft. Stanwix DAR Meeting-conservation/historical

December 18 -Ft. Stanwix Silver Bowl Christmas Party


January 20-Good Citizens Award

February 17- Ft. Stanwix DAR meeting-historical/education

March 17- Ft. Stanwix DAR meeting women's issues

April 13- CNY Round Table

April 21- Ft. Stanwix DAR meeting-Historical and Women's issues

May 11- CNY Round Table

May 19- Ft. Stanwix DAR meeting-national defense and historical

June 8 -CNY Round Table

June 18- Ft. Stanwix DAR meeting-educational and patriotic program